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Show & Go

- Capability to store maximum records in real time
- In-built real time clock
- In-built communication interface for interpretation and processing of data
- Maximum reading range, transmitting signals at certain frequencies
- Generation of attendance reports daily / monthly / quarterly / annually.
- Keeping records of late arrival, early departure and time summary
- Storage of complete attendance data
- Easy transmission of information from the RFID tag to central backend                       management systems

Walk Through Model

- Accurate & Automatic Student Attendance.
- No need to show card to reader or any other device. So NO waiting time at gate       when many students coming together in small time frame.
- No Need to Change anything In Current Practice of Operation.
- Automatic Daily SMS to Parents on Arrival/Leave of student from school.
- Automatic SMS to Parents of Absent Students or student not leaving school after     standard school time is over.
- Besides daily tracking of the child, InSchool Attendance system can also be used to   inform parents on the Events, Holidays and Change in any schedule of the school.
- Daily / Weekly /Monthly / Yearly Absentee/Attendance Report.
- Manual Entry Option for student who forgot his/her ID card.
- Bulk SMS facility for special events and announcements

Automatic Bell System

- Fully automatic
- Custome and Programmable
- Less power Consumption
- No computer Needed
- Can attach traditional bell to the device
- Small and Compact
- LCD display to Monitor Settings

Smart Attendance System

Child safety, in today's times, is one of the most essential and basic rights that we can give our children. However, with the extent of crime rate against children that is afflicting our country and our world, this basic right is being denied to them. Did you realize that very nearly one lakh kids disappear each year when they are venturing out to or from school? A portion of these youngsters are seized for recover however the majority of them wind up in unlawful exchanges.

It has thus become a matter of critical importance that our children stay safe when fulfilling their right to education. Furthermore, the weight of every student's security lies vigorously upon the instructive establishments they have a place with, be they schools or universities. Guaranteeing the security of its understudies not simply passes on obvious quietness to the school organization and student's, it furthermore creates the establishment's liberality in the market. Right when people understand that a particular school is proactively stressed over the prosperity of its student, more gatekeepers will enroll their youths into that association.

At the start, our participation frameworks are gadgets that naturally check student attendance. As a propelled highlight, the participation record of the student is likewise sent to his or her folks, utilizing a straightforward blend of GPRS and SMS. Guardians would thus be able to be guaranteed of their wards' security, realizing that they have achieved school securely. Numerous prestigious schools have officially consolidated this framework into their lifestyle. What's more, we trust you will receive this sound security rehearse into your instructive framework as well.

Show and Go Model

The working of our Show and Go Attendance System is easy to use for the children's.

How It Works

The student should simply "Show" his or her Smart Card to the RFID gadget introduced inside the school/school premises and simply "Go". There are no tedious sign in strategies included. The student's parent promptly gets a robotized SMS with points of interest of his or her area along date and time. While the student is travelling, the parent can likewise track the correct continuous area of the school/school transport utilizing a virtual map on the cell phone.


Simple to work and easy to use framework

- Password secured to avert unapproved access and section.
- Ability to produce and shield different records in server.
- Exports information precisely to the assigned telephone number through SMS.
- Optional method of correspondence through IP/HTTP URL correspondence.
- Works with all media transmission systems.


The RFID Walk-In Reader is a further developed adaptation of the RFID Show and Go model.

How It Works

Students need not to show the card to the reader. Instead the reader itself automatically detects the card, which the student has to carry with him. The reader then marks the student's attendance and sends an instant SMS to the parent's mobile informing them about his or her entry or exit into the school/college premises.


Easy to operate and user-friendly system

- Supports 125KHZ RFID cards.
- Supports more than one walk-in paths, with each path being 3 feet wide.
- Dissipates low power with use of a single +12 DC power supply.
- Supports GPRS/Wi-Fi and USB Communication.


Our RFID Access Cards are conveyed in-house under stringent quality practices. Along these lines, you can be guaranteed of the life and association of every last one of our cards.

Each card comes with washable nylon tags with non-erasing print which never fades or washes out. Students can comfortably wear their tag on their person without worrying about losing it. Printing can be done in single, dual, and even multiple colors as per your requirements. You can also choose from a range of three tag sizes: 12mm, 16mm and 20mm.

Each tag includes double holders that can fit a RFID card on one side and a PVC card on the other. Though students cannot remove the card from the holder, our technicians can use special tools to replace them if ever the need arises.

Our RFID cards are one of the best in the market not only in terms of service and quality, but also in terms of budgeted and competitive pricing.